Top 10 Best Classified Apps For Android & iOS in 2021

Classified apps is one of the apps that everyone should have on their phone now a days. The classified apps on your phone will help you sell your own product by adding them and also you can rent or buy products from the same app. So now for selling your products you don’t need to run any more to the retailer, as you can do everything in one app. When it comes to renting any product also you can do it from the classified apps directly and get things on cheaper rate. As there are lots of things that the Classified apps can do, here we have listed down some of the best classified apps for android & iOS.

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The apps listed below are some of the best classified apps that you can download and use across the world. This will make your renting, selling used products or buying new product easy, as you can do everything on a single platform. The best part is that these apps are legal and you can download those apps for Android and iOS device.

Best Free Classified Apps to Post Online Ads:


Well everybody know about eBay, as this is one of the popular classified apps you can have. This app is now said to be online shopping website, as you can even find clothing, shoes and much more on the app. Like other apps this is also available for iOS and Android for free. Like other apps this also lets you to sell anything you want, and the best part is that eBay checks the product you are listing and then only will allow your product on their store. So this is all safe, there is no doubt that you will get fake or different products from the picture given.


OLX is one of the best and popular classified apps that you should have on your mobile phone. If you are having some unused things on your house then you can easily share on the OLX app by posting photo on the app for free and you can sell the product near you. Before selling your product, to make sure it is going on the right hand, you can have a chat with the buyer and check out the reasons. The best part of this app is that it sells everything, so even if you want to see your used cars you can do that from this website. Well this application is available for both Android and iOS So download the app for free from the link given.

KSL Classified:

With almost the same interface of the OLX app, this is also one of the popular classified apps that you must know. The only problem is that this app has ads showing in the footer section. Also this app has lots of amazing features like you can hire plumber, electrician and much more from the app if you want to. You can sell your products within a few seconds from this application by posting the photo of the product just like you did in OLX. Yes, from this website you can also rent things like cars, bikes and even the furniture’s for your new home. The availability of the app is both iOS and Android, so no need to worry about which phone you are using.


Like the KSL Classifieds app this app also offer you with the features of getting home services for any emergency needs. The best features of this app is that you can even search for jobs in this app. The Job search feature has taken this application to another level. If you are buying anything from this app then you can directly call the seller instead of messaging them, so this application has also taken care of the communication. As most of the deals get cancelled just because of the communication gap. Like the other apps in this list this is also available for Android and iOS. The last features of this app is that you can also search for houses to buy or rent if you are looking for.


The interface of the app is very simple and straight with all the important links on the homepage of the app. This is actually a standard classified apps which will only lets you buy and sell product using the application. Talking about the availability of the app, it is no more available on Google Play store, but if you are using iOS device then you can download it still.


If you are searching for a buyer whom you can sell your old and used smartphone, PC or laptop or other electronic items the Cashify is the perfect destination for you. Not only selling but you can also buy used stuffs from therefrom other sellers. Using the Cashify app you can buy, sell or even can rent electronic items as per your requirements. The best feature which makes it excellent is, their free pickup option. Using the free pickup option you don’t have to go anywhere to sell something instead can sit back and relax at home. You can do valuation of your product and sell them in a good price for sure. Cashify app is available for both Android and iOS users for free.

World Free Classifieds:

This is an app which is used by globally in 180+ countries. This app is free to download to download and very easy to use for any type of users. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can search for any item and buy-sell and do other things which a typical classified app offer. This app has automatic location tracking feature using which it show you all the classified advertisements available nearby your location. The overall process of buying and selling stuff is very easy starting from posting new advertisements within few minutes within your smartphone itself. All the personal details will be saved within this app and you can get connected with other buyers or sellers easily for free. World Classifieds app is available for Android and iOS


Another popular classified app listed on this list of best free classified apps. This is another free app using which you can create ads easily within few seconds and posts them to buy or sell products. The best feature of this app is, you can buy or sell anything using this app anonymously. You can even get connected with any buyer via Facebook and check their profile and verify whether are real or not. Isn’t it amazing? Once you download and open this app, you can see a huge list of products which are shown for buy, sell and rent whatever you wish to do. You can download this free app from Google Play store or Apple app store.

Gumtree Classifieds:

If you want to buy or sell something locally then here comes the app called Gumtree Classifieds which is made for this purpose only. You can find suitable buyers or seller within your local area once you download and open this app. It will automatically detect your location within few seconds and show the best deals and offers for you. No need to work harder to get to know about vacancies or any service, selling or buying home appliances, electronic items etc. One unique feature which we liked is, it has an inbuilt instant messenger using which you can contact the buyer or the seller easily and in a faster way. Get this free app for your Android or iOS powered smartphone now.

NL Classified:

This is the last app in this of best free classified apps 2018. Just like the all other apps mentioned above, using this same app you can easily post new classifieds within few minutes. Similarly you can also view others posts and contact them in case you liked any offer. Just add some photos and write a brief catchy description and you are good to go. So, download this app now and enjoy classified of buying, selling, rental and much more right on your mobile phone. Download the NL Classified app via Android Play Store or Apple’s App Store for free.


Well, these are the Top 10 free classified apps which you can download without any second thoughts. All of these apps are free to download and available on both Android and iOS app market. One thing is common in all of these apps which is, the easy to use interface. Yes, you don’t have to do much work for posting any ad or response to any offer anymore. Some of the apps even have the instant messaging option which is quite awesome for quick deals. So, what are you waiting for? Download any of the above listed apps and do let us know about your experience about them.

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